Mr. Long Y. Yang​ - Founder /COO/CFO

Mr. Chanvit Fuangfukitjakan - Founder/CEO

Chanvit graduated with JD Degree from University of Pathum.  He is  an owner of restaurant chain and music industry. Over 25 years of significant international business experience leading in import and export good to Europe and North America.  Demonstrating entrepreneurial leadership, proven expertise and track records in successful planning and implementation get marketing strategy and tactics, sale force and commercial policies and practice, market and business development while demonstrating high work accountability, daily work interfaith and thriving for excellent and success.

 In addition , successful product launches experience, ensuring sustained commercial development growth, strong leadership skills, excellent internal & external communication, presentation skills, ability to set a vision, lead change, lead and mentor others, together with ability to work under pressure and priorities while maintaining high quality level of result.​

True Hmong Global Distribution Ltd. Executives

Mr. Yang leads True Hmong Global Distribution fiscal functions by

Design and implement business strategies
Plans and procedures
Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth
Establish policies that promote company culture and vision
Oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (IT, Marketing, Sale)

Mr. Yang established a career in 3M’s Optic Research Department with a focus on product development. He has experience as CEO of Yang Financial Group managing over $5 million in asset management. In addition, Long served as vice president for Hmong Youth Association of Minnesota and Hmong National Development. He seeks a path for communities of minority groups that will promote citizenship in America by developing leadership in business and providing community services. To be a leader in international business is his true American dream. He has a bachelor of Science degree from Concordia University, Saint Paul, MN.